One of the noblest pursuits any child of God can embark upon is to get to know, understand and have a great relationship with God. And one the best ways we can achieve this pursuit is to look carefully at the book He has written – the Bible, which communicates who He is and His plans for mankind.


At LCSDA, after our Sabbath lunch break, we usually meet up in the sanctuary, discuss and learn from another as the Holy Spirit guides and teachers more on the character of God. Due to time, our in-depth discussions are never concluded but, we do continue them via our Online Bible Study Forum, and you’re most welcome to join in the discussion.


After from meeting up in the Sanctuary in the noon, and discussing online, we have weekly Cell Groups devotional meet ups. These are done from individual member homes, and are as per township, suburb, compound or place.

We also have the Adventist Book Shop. This is a great place to find books, writings, articles on various topics from health, to spiritual, to marriage counseling and lot more.

Grow your spiritual life today. At LCSDA, we are here for any help you may need.